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World Class Customer Support when you need it most. Available via live chat after signing up. Also available as a plug in to your existing website.



Let us capture the moments that matter most. Bits And Tokens is an established leader in digital photography videography and high fidelity audio. 

About us

Bits And Tokens was created as a collaborative effort of friends with a passion for blockchain technology. Through countless hours of research and intellegence gathering we have developed the perfect method to deliver cost effective support to those who need it most, when they need it most!


Let’s learn together.


Let’s explore together.


We’re here for you.

Everyone has various levels of understanding. No matter where you start or where you want to finish, we’ll be there for you any time you need us!

Our philosophy

Never stop learning. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Learning is better with friends. That’s our philosophy. We learn together on a daily basis and then translate that knowledge through easy to digest content, quick answers when you need them most, and a strong relationship with our clients. Our customers are more than a number, you’re all members of the Bits and Tokens family.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Timothy and his partners have been MORE THAN HELPFUL to me. I’ve been able in increase my knowledge 100 fold and I’ve acquired crypto now thanks to them! I’ll continue to use Timothy as my mentor as his knowledge in the area of coins, exchanges and wallets is quite extensive. Thanks Bits and Tokens!

Cheryl Taylor

Timothy Robinson is the “Best Teacher/Instructor that I’ve seen yet on XYO and other!!!! Would have never got it without you Thanks !!!! You should be an instructor for them!!!

Michelle Miller

Timothy Robinson. Has been outstanding in his patients and help with all of the new-to-crypto people coming into the space and has helped more people than I can count with step by step on how to but crypto. Without Timothy I personally would not have been able to get in to the crypto space and I cannot thank him enough.

Tom Karlowicz

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Our Team

Quite the good looking bunch if we may say so ourselves!

Timothy Robinson

Founder, Helpdesk manager

Timothy the BitcoinWeatherman! Blockchain Enthusiast and the keeper of the Crypto. Timothy has a passion for security, and an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Annalese Abreu 

Founder, Exec Customer Support

Annalese the jet-setting host of the Bits And Tokens YouTube channel. She rountinely travels the world interviewing BlockChain start ups and isn’t shy to ask the tough questions!

Jerome Dallas

Founder, Client Relations Manager

Jerome the TokenGamer. When he’s not busy ensuring each and every single one of our clients is happy, he’s probably testing and analyzing the latest BlockChain games and DApps.


Office Pooch, Executive Pupper

Trunks is a good boy. Knows how to give hugs and high fives. He’s in charge of office morale and does an AMAZING job keeping us all sane during busy work days. 

Latest News

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