Binance drops the ball and doesn’t Fetch!

Binance drops the ball and doesn’t Fetch!

Monday the 25th was not the brightest day for Binance and they may never hear the end of it.

Fetch.AI token sale on Binance LaunchPad took place, February 25th 2019. To many, this was supposed to an opportunity to jumpstart an awesome project, but investors seemed to be let down to the ordeal they are calling a ‘”scam”.

According to a tweet by CZ, the whole thing was short, like really short, about 10 seconds.

Super-fast right… well that’s not so great in this case, threads of comments followed;

A number of investors are saying their trades did not get processed while in the queue and nothing happened at all.

In total, about 69,204,152 FET tokens were sold to 2,758 investors.

Based on what I’m readings from the comments, this may have been a system error, probably because of the amount of volume and investors that attempted to make a purchase of the tokens. Think about it, almost 70 million tokens were sold in a matter of 10 seconds, meaning if you typed too slow, sorry not sorry dude.

Yes, it is unfortunate for investors who have been looking forward to this but it’s all a matter of being the first guy in line. Just when you think you have time, think again.


Happy Investing!



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