Binance is back baby!

Binance is back baby!

Attention all Binance users, Binance is back in business!

According to an announcement from the developers,

“Binance has completed its system upgrade and we will resume all trading activity at 1:00 PM (UTC)”

The announcement also states;

“Users will be able to cancel open orders, process deposits and use other account related functions.” The withdrawal feature will become available shortly after trading resumes.

Binance has also encouraged users to read through “14 Tips to Enhance Security for Your Binance Account” to help traders secure their accounts, in addition to updating your password, 2FA, and anti-phishing code.

The exchange is apologetic about the mishap and period of time that users were unable to use any of its features, for that reason, there are some giveaways that will be happening as a token of gratitude!

Anyone who trades 1 BTC or more, whether buying or selling with any trading pair, will be eligible to spit 50,000 BNB in a pool giveaway! Additionally, all existing VIP users will enjoy a complimentary 7-day VIP level upgrade starting today until May 22nd. Feel free to refer to the “Binance VIP Level Standard” for clarification on different levels.

This day has been long awaited and it’s good to see it here!

Until then, Happy Trading!

Annalese Abreu

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