Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin

So where exactly did this brave new coin index come from?

In 2014 a company from Auckland, New Zealand was created and lead by Rory Manchee. Brave New Coin supplies spot pricing and API’s for Bitcoin and 50 digital assets to global financial market makers. We recently posted an article about the new indices brave new coin launched with NASDAQ. To the stock market these two indices BLX and ELX may seem new however brave new coin has been working on these indices since 2014.

Brave New Coins’ parent company Techemy is led by Fran Strajnar. Techemy has Brave New Coin, Techemy Capital Ltd., Colony Ltd., HODL1.P, Sphere Identity, Dasset, Vimba, as well as and recently Techemy Advisory within its portfolio. As of June Fran has been the director of Youdo. Youdo is a software services company also based in New Zealand, from idea to strategy to implementation and ongoing support Youdo collaborates, plans, delivers and support a solution exactly the way you want it.

Recently the focus for BNC has been the development of a marketplace for incumbent and third-party applications, news feeds, research and market data products through the BNC token utility. BNC developed a portfolio tool aimed at crypto investors and traders on their platform utilizing their data, analysis, and research.

BNC has partners like Thomson Reuters, Amazon Alexa, and 11 others. I wanted to know what their connection to Amazon Alexa was so I spoke with Devin at Brave New Coin, who inform me when you ask Alexa for the price of Bitcoin it calls the price of BNC’s liquid index. Prior to speaking with Devin, I have spoken to Alexa about not only the price of Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Ripple. According to Devin BNC only developed the Bitcoin price for Alexa. This now has me wondering where Alexa gets its data for ripple as I have to ask for the price of ripple instead of XRP. For those that don’t know the token is XRP, the company is Ripple.

Techemy Capital Ltd. another subsidiary, is the privately-held investment fund and trading company of the Techemy/ Brave New Coin group created in 2017. Directed by Richard Mannell, Techemy Capital Ltd. focuses on ico investment funds, asset, treasury and risk management. Techemy Capital Ltd. has proprietary trading, over-the-counter trading globally with wholesale investors, counter-parties and exchanges.

Colony Ltd. is a full-service ico planning, structuring, marketing, book building, escrow, smart contract token delivery, and audit service. There was very limited information on this group as well as HODL1.P. HODL1.P is a private, closed-ended fund, built to capture the preferential industry deal flow which comes across Techemy’s desk.

Sphere Identity is a global blockchain based identity platform for identity storage and onboarding. Sphere Identity’s goal is to hand control of identity back to the individuals while streamlining customer sign-ups for business. LAToken recently partnered with Sphere Identity as recent as last month. sphere density is associated with a group of international identity, privacy and blockchain organizations, for example, one world identity, Kuppingercole, Kantara initiative, digital identity.NZ, NZ tech alliance, and the IAPP.

Digital + asset = Dasset. Dasset is an exchange for customers to buy, sell and trade blockchain based digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Dasset house features like; high performance with over 1 million orders per second, multicoin support with BTC, LTC and ETH and XRP. Dasset value security transparency privacy and financial Independence.
Steven Macaskill is the CEO and Fran Strajnar is the chairman.

Vimba provides a simple way to buy & save Bitcoin on a weekly basis. Vimba allows you to instantly buy an instant cell with November Bitcoin wallet funds are sent directly to the users’ private wallet. Vimba believes by saving Bitcoin weekly you are using a technique called dollar cost averaging (DCA). There is an opportunity for savings through bulk-buying Bitcoin with Vimba. Sam Blackmore is the CEO of Vimba formerly known as Mycryptosaver. The name was changed as recently as October 31, 2018. Founded in 2014; marketed in Auckland, New Zealand, Vimba has recently opened up to the UK market. and empower organizations to create decentralized solutions with a global impact using insight collaboration research and development as well as an ico audit. Created in 2017 with services such as developing token contract compatible with erc20 standards, crowdsale contracts designed to achieve funding goals, liaising with exchange in wallet developers to ensure compatibility and integration of the token. Led by Paul Salisbury, Mark Pascall and of course Fran Strajnar.

Lastly, Techemy Advisory is an investor focus token issuance listing platform that enables investors to participate in token issuance programs, with the reassurance that every offering is best practice aligned and compliant with all applicable regulations. Techemy Advisory provides trusted advice and exclusive access to vetted digital asset transactions. They offer end-to-end deal structuring, including blockchain solution review, deal structuring, assessments and guidance on coin mechanics, as well as access to an investor pool. Created in 2018 by Paul Quickenden and quickly created token issuances over 2 billion dollars of value to date.

Fran Strajnar has developed a portfolio of companies that may well be the next phase of fintech and blockchain technology sourced from New Zealand. With big globalization plans networking with the likes of the NASDAQ, BNC and the other subsidiaries of Techemy are all worth paying attention to.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions about Techemy and any of its subsidiaries. I hope you find this article as informative as I did while  researching this organization. Don’t forget if you have any other organization you would like to know more about join Bits And Tokens silver tier and instead of waiting for the next blog you can get answers to your questions in minutes.

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