Cash Apps lightning speed

Cash Apps lightning speed

In a podcast with Stephan Livera, Jack Dorsey discussed his ideas and partnership with Lightning Labs.

When asked about the integration of the lightning network on Square’s Cash App, Dorsey replied;
“We would love to make [Bitcoin] as fast and efficient and transactional as possible, and that includes looking at our seller base and register.
It’s not a factor of what “if” it’s more of a “when”.

In a tweet February 6, Dorsey confirmed his participation in the Lightning Network’s Torch initiative, a relay transaction started by a community member last month. Dorsey has previously expressed his love for bitcoin and how “loves the idea” of microtips on Twitter improving the quality of content. Such a tipping service already exists and was, in fact, the source of Lightning Torch. As for altcoins, Dorsey has continuously expressed is lack of interest in tweets and to Livera, “It [bitcoin] feels like it’s the one that wants to be a currency the most”.

Dorsey continued to say, “The thing that I’m trying to figure out for myself in terms of running a business is how do we continue to expand that openness, how do we continue to be good citizens within this community… helping this community make it happen without inflicting… the baggage which comes with a corporation”.

There’s no doubt the Crypto will dominate the internet, again, it’s not “if’ it’s “when”.

-Annalese Abreu


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