Crypto Phones

Crypto Phones

What do the Yellow pages, alarm clocks, calculators, and cameras have in common? They all have been consumed by the smartphone. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore, I just can’t recall the last time I bought something that my phone already can do (aside from our camera equipment for Bits And Tokens of course!).

Do you have a ledger nano like we do? New people interested in crypto might not need one or ever buy one as phones are coming out with wallets built in as well as full operating systems made for security. Phone services that reward you with tokens, what’s next?

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

We haven’t reached mass adoption but the tools for the infrastructure that will create mass crypto adoption are in place. The biggest news recently comes from the largest manufacturer in the Android ecosystem. Samsung, the company behind the S wallet which lets your phone process credit card transactions at far more locations than Apple pay and Google pay, now has a crypto wallet built in the sleek new Galaxy S10 a 5G phone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This phone is not a “blockchain phone” like the others I’ll discuss next. The crypto wallet on the S10 supports; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Enjin and Samsung’s own Dapp Cosmee.  

Samsung’s wallet will allow you to store your crypto instead of needing to use your computer to connect to a cold wallet. You could use your phone for the transaction and keep your coins safe in your pocket instead of an exchange or external drive. Samsung was not the first to create a phone with a built-in crypto wallet, in fact, blockchain phones that you can purchase with crypto like Sirin Labs Finney phone and the HTC Exodus pre-date the S10 by months. Also, coming soon you can also expect the Pundi X phone. Of course, phones of this nature naturally have security in mind, as such, all of the blockchain phones have a privacy mode which separates the crypto stored on your device from the operating system of the device (all of these run on Android). 

Not only can you buy certain phones with crypto, or buy crypto with a blockchain phone, now a new phone service will reward you with crypto. Miracle Tele is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that works with mobile network operators (MNO) on behalf of the customer, something like Google Fi. Google Fi previously known as Project Fi is my provider of choice. The company can supply service by connecting with cellular towers from other carriers such as Sprint, TMobile and US Cellular. Service also works overseas. On my recent international trips, service was reliable. This is possible because Google Fi doesn’t have their own towers. The MVNO Miracle Tell is doing the same thing with a unique way of marketing.

Miracle Tele is a blockchain based MVNO, in order to scale the business they need people to share with others. Instead of hidden fees, roaming and other add ons to your mobile bill Miracle Tele is hoping you’ll switch and share with your friends because if you do you will receive Tele tokens.  Miracle Tele rewards you with tokens for growing their network then pays token holders bi-weekly up to 40% of earnings. After I see more reviews about traveling and savings with Miracle Tele if I see a benefit I’ll gladly switch. People are expanding blockchain companies from software to hardware and services. We here at Bits And Tokens provide you with the service of compiling all the tools you need to invest, news you should know, and answers to your questions about tokens on the market. If you enjoyed this article please consider subscribing to Bits And Tokens at 


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