Early week Market cap update 02/11/19

Early week Market cap update 02/11/19


The race is on, ethereum has officially returned to it 2nd place post after having a higher market cap and trading volume than ripples xrp these past couple days. Although I am a fan of XRP, this past weekend coins holding a larger value have steadied, yet there is no sign of a noteworthy correlation.

Presently bitcoin has been unable to break past its $3,700 mark many had hoped for and may not hit that $5,000 mark may crypto analyst and enthusiast have predicted for the week. On the bright side, bitcoin did get past its $3,500 mark maxing out at $3,695 on Sunday. Bitcoin still has a 52.8% of market share holding its spot at #1.

ETH number 2 spot came in thanks to the rise in total market cap from just under $11 billion to $12.7 billion this past weekend. Close competitor now at 3rd place XRP had a slight increase but at a much slower rate compared to ETH. XRP slightly increased by 1.5% over a 24 hour period with a market cap of just over $2.5 billion. However, between all the partnerships and projects that will be coming up throughout 2019, XRP’s chances of regaining its spot are very likely.
One other Altcoin worth mentioning is BNB otherwise known as the Binance coin which increased by 75% over the past month making huge gains even while the crypto market was latent.

Stay tuned for more crypto market cap updates, be aware, scam-free and happy trading.


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-Annalese Abreu

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