Early Week Market Update

Early Week Market Update

This past weekend Crypto took flight. BTC still claiming its place at #1 almost in the four thousand dollar range currently at $3912.00, followed by ETH at $145 and XRP in third place at $.32.

Monday has been cryptos highest point in the past 7 day period, making a higher impact than last week. Prices have slightly dropped throughout the day but upward growth looks promising at this time.

At #4 EOS has shown the most amount of growth within a 24 hour period of 23.20%, followed by other alt coins; Veritaseum, Bitcoin Gold, WAX, and HOLO in the top 5.

Top prices for the week are; BTC currently at $ 3912.36, Maker currently at $573.42, ETH currently at $145.30, Mixin currently at $143.93, and lastly Bitcoin Cash currently at $143.92. Dash is worth mentioning closing in 6th place at $143.92, just barely making 5th place.

Our early week laggers will not be forgotten! Lowest market cap coins include respectively; TomoChain, Dent Metaverse ETP, Aion, and STASIS EURS. Lowest price respectively; Bytecoin, Pundi X, Dent, ReddCoin, and Holo. Last but not least lowest 24 Hr change respectively; Aurora (9.13%), REPO (6.51%), Ark (3.96%), USDC (.6%), and Paxos Standard (.44%).

Considering the fact the overall market is up and in the green, the week is off at a good start. Losers are also relatively looking low at their losses with the highest only being at (9.13%). Crypto winter might just be finally warming up.

Happy Trading!

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