How MyEtherWallet just fooled the entire crypto space

How MyEtherWallet just fooled the entire crypto space

Imagine this;

You wake up and want to check your token balances. You visit MyEtherWallet and get ready to plug in your Ledger Nano S. You see MEW asking for KYC/AML due to “changing regulations” and your heart sinks to the floor.

Begrudgingly you’ll click accept if only look over the personal, private, intimate information they want to strip you of. Prepared for the worst, you get to the next page and are asked a variety of nonsensical questions ranging from

4. What is your father’s maiden name?

to our personal favorite

7. How many red cars have you seen today? (Please remember this number – you will need it later.)

At this point, we’re sure you’ve realized today’s date. APRIL FOOLS! You got us MEW, good one. Did you fall for it too? Are you planning any pranks today? Or have you already pulled off the most successful prank at your place of work? Let us know in the comments below.


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