How to use crypto in the real world

How to use crypto in the real world

Buying goods and services is the ULTIMATE use case for anything with the word currency in it. Thats why we’re really critical of blockchain projects that don’t really seem to need to tokenize. More tokens isn’t specifically a good thing, but we believe more places to spend crypto can only help drive forward adoption.

Have you heard of Travala? It’s kind of like those other hotel booking sites, but with a crypto-twist! The whole premise of the website is for you to spend your crypto on booking a hotel room. How neat is that?? Next family vacation you plan, try Travala, from what we’ve seen the prices are reasonable and if you already have crypto, no need to convert it back to fiat, just book through the website and show up for your stay, it’s that easy!


Next on our little list here is the BitcoinSuperstore. This site is AMAZING. You can buy from using crypto AND they will match your prime shipping for you. The way it works is basically you visit the website you’re looking to purchase items from (Amazon, Alibaba, John Lewis, and ANY other online retailer who does not charge a membership fee.) and inputting the product details into the purchase now page of BitcoinSuperstore

They also have gift cards for a number of online and in person retailers, restaurants and others including Amazon, Google Play, Hulu and many many more. There’s literally pages and pages of gift cards available for purchase in crypto.


There’s a lot to learn in this big blockchain world, and you’re kids don’t know everything. If you ever need help with navigating the world of blockchain and you are already a Silver Tier or higher member of the website, we provide 24/7 access to a blockchain enthusiast to help guide you on your journey. If not yet registered, its a breeze. Simply visit the registration page, fill out the short form (email username password etc) and bring this discount code with you “save 10” . See you in the Silver Lounge !

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