The Blockchain being used to overthrow North Korea?

The Blockchain being used to overthrow North Korea?

Looks like civilians of North Korea are taking democracy into their own hands.

North Korean revolutionaries Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD) (also known as “Free Joseon”) are selling “post-liberation blockchain visas.” More than 60 visas have been issued so far and they can be purchased on the black market for Ethereum-based visas.

The CCD is notoriously known for their attempts to overthrow current dictator leader, Kim Jong-un. As a fundraising mechanism, the group is selling 200,000 tokenized visas via the Ethereum blockchain. The visas allow holders to enter North Korea upon “liberation” form its dictator.

The sales began this morning and were postponed for 12 hours due to high traffic on the servers, CCD reported.

“We are experiencing unforeseen heavy traffic on servers hosting the G-Visa registration and will delay by 12 hours to 9:00AM KST, 8:00PM EST in order to give the staff time to deploy additional infrastructure. We apologize for the inconvenience,”

read the released statement.

At the time of this article, there are currently 74 G-VISAS distributed amongst 51 addresses.

Some black market buyers already have their visas up for an auction. G-Visa ‘number-three’ is up for 300 ETH ($40,000), while the ninth is up for 2 ETH ($270). Keep in mind, the G-VISA is on sale for 1 ETH (Approx. $135).

On the website open sea, most of the visas that have been bought are up for auction, currently ranging from visa #3 to #74. Wonder if anyone will buy G-Visa #3!

“G-Visas are not a speculative token. If you are not concerned with having a lower numbered G-Visa please delay acquiring one until tomorrow,”

wrote CCD.

“Being among the very first 200,000 visitors to our liberated nation is already historic. These first few will have permanent proof of their initial faith and support of our revolution.”

Wow, if only Venezuela did something like this, that’s the power of democracy for you. I wish the very best for these dreamers liberation from their dictatorship.

Happy investing!

-Annalese Abreu

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