Should you buy a Ledger Nano X ?

Should you buy a Ledger Nano X ?

The short answer is yes, and you can click this LEDGER NANO X link to do it. We read the reviews, watched all the informational videos and we’re not sure if Ledger is following in the same steps as Apple, but we’re also not really sure if we care. That new Nano X is something special and more than one of us have our eyes set on it !

The short list of new features

  • Built in battery for on the go managing of your crypto assets
  • Storage for 100+ apps (don’t even read the rest, buy it for this alone)
  • Mobile app (did we mention the on the go managing of crypto assets?)


Basically you’ll never need to delete an app to make room for a new one (not sure about update sizes yet). This alone is the reason we want it, we would have taken a Nano S+ with more storage for the same price, but throw in bluetooth AND a mobile app? THATS A STEAL!! You also still have the option of copying your existing Ledger Nano S to the Nano X by using your 24 word seed phrase so set up is a breeze. Honestly we can’t think of one single reason not to get the new Ledger Nano X for what seems like a REALLY low price of only US $119.00. When we got our original Nano S it was US $100.00 so for 20 bucks more, the new one just makes sense! Just look at how sleek this thing is. More information can be had by clicking the picture below.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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